BothWho app FULL OVERVIEW. How to use?

so here's the app which is called boss who and it recently got some traction and it's becoming more popular especially in like asian countries also in latin america um yeah so like specific markets people are using this app a lot um yeah but it's it was released not that a long time ago so there are still some bugs and it's not working like completely uh nice but zero like uh just 170 ratings and 2.8 average rating so you can see uh yeah maybe it's even like a chinese app or something like that um so here that the main idea is that there are all these like video streams group video streams so you can just open the app and join this video streams group live chats and just hang out with interesting people then you can chat with them and something like that so let's just open the app and see exactly how it works so like the first step is basically oops so of course it just depends on the different profiles some of them are like scanning or stuff like that but there it is like you can just see the profile it looks basically like tick-tock so you can just scroll the feed so that's basically how it looks like then you can just go to that profile and then see the profile picture and then you can see that profile basically when i created an account i didn't need any verification or any id or like you know something like that so just be careful in on this app maybe it can be scammy as a lot of these apps are actual and there is some like spam or is some inappropriate stuff here but maybe you will like you will like some other content and just enjoy the app so in the top right you can also like if you don't want you can just block or report someone then you can just start chatting with someone uh you can send uh send some messages for example or something like that uh just for a test you can attach pictures you can add gifts or send some uh videos so to send some gifts you can just attach them here you can attach some pictures and videos and then you can just also send gifts here so you can see a number of sun gifts so that's the idea uh that's basically the app how it works then you if you just go to profile uh you can see again the profile you can see the registration date the uh like some other date and if this person is online how many funds it has how many followers and all of that so that's the idea of the app um [Music] then also in the second chat you just have socialized tab where there are more profiles in the different order there are different moments like people posting their pictures then you have like trending chats here [Music] you can see chats in the different regions there are different categories and then there are messages and you can delete some of them uh like yeah you should be actually careful on this app because it's just like yeah it can be scammy but we will see how it grows if it becomes more high quality or or yeah it just goes to the road of all this like you know video apps like scammy apps where just like half of the users are bots but like um yep here you can also see gifts like you can send or receive gifts you can see likes comments visitors so basically you can see people who visits your profile so that can be interesting um and then uh ignore under it so there's this setting here then there is your profile because there is your account you can top up your account with coins here so this is the list of the coins then if you want to you can upgrade to vip profile here where you can pay 9.99 for one month so 27.99 for three months or 49.99 for six months either vip or svip so that's that then there is like a car market i don't know what that means actually so this is some like virtual gifts and then there is guard so i don't know what that means actually in this app but it's just regarding a symbol of offense the anchor and one of the similar popularity on the live platform uh users active guardian by spending gold coins and they are likely to be uncursed guardian angel um how to activate guardian the user consumes cold coins to active guardian for anchors the user can guard multiple anchors and cars can also have multiple guardian angles uh the duration is divided in four times the validity period the saturday 30 days 90 days 360 days and all of that so yep then you can also verify your phone number you can change your cover you can start a live stream uh so you here you can just see all the stats and then you can earn actually some revenue from your streams uh you can receive gifts uh you can see sand gifts um you can see some privileges um then there is also like help and feedback you can contact support uh there are these options to conduct support yeah this app is like you see mostly you can conduct support in china russia vietnam um yeah so this kind of country so maybe you can be a bit suspicious to the to this app but yep um that's what it is so you can can have this contact information china russia vietnam sometimes you can just call them sometimes you can just send an email so that's the idea basically then there is like a task center yep then there is help and feedback so you can reach out about your account if there are some issues you can upload like your log file and there are all these questions how do i sign up how do i log in how to recharge uh and good there are some circumstances when your account can be closed um so something like that also you can just invite friends here so yes this app basically combines all these elements of live video chat app just some social media video streaming app is tick tock elements uh so yeah also here you can just copy your invitation code and then you can receive some rewards um so that's the app in a nutshell there are also additional settings here you can clear cache uh account security you can make your account invisible so something like that that's the app definitely give it a try it's a interesting interesting app and it is popular in in more like asian countries i guess russia some latin american countries but maybe it will expand to the rest of the world soon so hope overall this is helpful thank you for watching a lot and see you see you in the next videos

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