Botify AI - app overview

here is app called bodify ai create chatbot so with this app you can just chat with virtual personas um and then you can yeah you can just use face id to install it or touch id and then let's just uh discover this app how you can create uh uh a chat board with who you can discuss any dialogues and then you can just um yeah you know share that on tick tock or you know just have fun so let's just open the app here and then uh create animated ai for a single photo provide and there you have it so now you just have this chat and i don't even need to create an account or something of course they offer you to subscribe uh a thousand dollars you can buy 4.99 uh 400 energy and so there is zero energy in this boat uh so hey conrad do you like revolutions yeah so i need to instantly subscribe um can i just try it out i'm just super interested um great to bodify pro if i want to create a bot okay continue i'm looking forward to i'm looking forward to chatting with you and then you need to upgrade to botify pro to create your ai bot get 2x more energy and no ads so that's a separate upgrade option so seems to in addition to buying more energy this the app you still need to upgrade here and create a monthly subscription but and you can't do it just like that so anyways there you have it um so yeah unfortunate that's that it is what it is you just need to buy but let's see what with the bot so and then you can just see this conversation i don't know you can turn off this nice that sounds like a wonderful thing to do how's the weather um good weather upgrading but anyways yeah anyway so that's the app overview try it out it can be interesting time spent so definitely give it a try

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