BreathWrk app - breathing exercises - HOW TO USE?

here's an interesting app called breast work bracing exercises as you can see one of the most popular apps for for that and one of the top apps in overall fitness and health category quick and powerful breathing exercises calm your body and mind in seconds wake up and get energized quickly fall asleep faster with breathing improve your endurance and land capacity track your progress and set reminders access the largest library of breathing exercise in the world the way you breathe is at the core of all mental and physical health and performance power your mind and body with breast work the number one app in breathing that's changing lives join the community of millions using their breasts to wake up fall asleep calm anxiety improve physical performance and much more so you can choose from the largest library of present exercises and classes in the world and master the same techniques used by by psychotherapists olympic athletes sleep doctors navi seals yogi snyder senses and race experts so it's a really cool idea actually because a lot of meditation apps you know they just have one tab inside of the app where yeah you just have like bracing exercise but here you have all the all the app which is just focusing on one scene like breathing and that's really amazing when you just have one app which is like super focused on one this feature so you can create an account 100 different ways to breeze so then let's just try to create an account together so and then you can create account with apple id then of course it uh nudges you to upgrade to breezework pros at 7.99 monthly but you can also enable reminders and there you have it so there are different types of exercises so yeah it's super cool actually like you know there are different rhythms uh for example if you want to sleep there is different than when you're awake so that's pretty cool actually um so that's how it works then you can see your stats it's really nice uh get the full effect test yourself top resource you can see this month and there you have it you can always reach out to contact support you can also write mindful minutes or you know set it up in house app so that's a pretty fun app definitely try it out

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