Breeze Mental Health app - full overview

here's interesting app which is called Breeze mental health it has over 15 000 ratings it's been featured in the popular apps in the US App Store in is in the top charts as you can see in health and fitness apps I think it's a great app so let's just do a quick overview and let's just go through it and uh so that's basically uh and then uh yeah this app is based on several Concepts from cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and contains four main features described below this briefs we give a user more awareness about her his emotions and activity things people that trigger them tracker of negative Source helps to learn new habit to criticize negative beliefs and patterns in thinking it helps to improve emotional state of the user the concept of automatic negative thoughts come from cognitive behavioral therapy the idea is that even minor negative disorders automatically and appear in our Consciousness influence our mood and psychological conditions we provide users with several interactive techniques that help criticize and fight such negative patterns in thinking tracker of cognitive distortions uh so yeah as there are some subscription options weekly with three day free trial at 7.99 annual you send a free trial and 99.99 okay so let's just open the app close your eyes uh okay so that's that's basically how to explore you can allow notification and then uh you can start a free trial if you want uh seven dice for free actually you can use six full Dice and then if you don't cancel on the six days you will be charged just for your information you how are you today so just select good what words can you describe your feelings what have you been up to what photograph your atmosphere of the day and then save card and then you can just do all these different tests you can do some games you can see some daily motivation average mode tests personality tests back and anxiety and Venturi career guard emotional burnout so you can see all of this different tests so you can start here but of course some of these tests are locked under subscription but the design of the app looks really nice and everything but yeah they just really push you to upgrade and on the bottom you have plus button where you can just add your mood then you have settings uh courses let's try to find out so here again uh you you can upgrade yeah looks like interesting app of course you you can have your Journal a more tracking Journal but these tests look pretty exciting like interesting to to play on all these games uh tap and hold so here okay so I just need to drag these things like this and then I just drag it like this and let's see what happens next smashed 28 negative feelings away that's cool so interesting uh relaxation game so just you for you to have an idea so I don't know should I just push all of them or just how I feel uh so [Music] um so something like that yeah so as you can see this is the idea and then you have specific categories uh and then if you want to try a free trial uh here here are the pricing then it's like 8 49 per week so this this app is not free like it's not cheap uh and then uh per week so that's not per month and then if you want to upgrade you can upgrade for yearly payment 99 per year uh if you upgrade you can always change your subscription in the settings app or you can change it in the um yeah always in the app or you can cancel that overall really interesting app just the content of the app seems really interesting uh so yeah definitely I think you can try it out um and of course there are seven day free trial so you can just upgrade test it out if you don't like it of course you can cancel just like any other app but yeah hope that was helpful

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