BUD - Create, Play & Hangout - app preview

so to install this app which is called bod create plain hangout just tap here to install it and you can see that this app is pretty large so it's like 578 megabytes um so but come and join the fun but is the best virtual platform to create an experience 3d interactive content with friends invite friends to create play hangout and explore 3d experiences built by our community use our imagination to create something cool to share with the community customize your avatar to express yourself build interactive 3d experiences explore lots of 3d experiences created by global community follow top creators so this app is kind of like you know one of those metaverse apps um or you create your own avatars there are no real pictures uh and then you can just hang out with your friends in the spiritual world and yeah explore millions of experiences and just yeah have fun so it's kind of it seems like a similar to some video game but your hangout hanging out with real people it's like a metaphor social media and this app is getting more and more popular it's like clamping in charge a lot of people try to want to create profile on this app and all of that i already have some videos around this app so just try to search to like mr hack your bad app um so there you have it so a lot of you can see the reviews actually pretty good but still there are a few bugs here and there therefore the rating is three point eight out of five so that's what it is but basically now you can open the app and now you can continue with snapchat uh facebook will tick-tock or apple hope this is helpful

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