here is interesting trending app let's go through how it works that is called but create play and hangout and this is basically another version of minecraft as i said so this app allows you to create your own avatar uh and then create your own digital worlds so basically you can build some kind of environments and then other people can join your rooms which you have built uh and so yes this experience can be really interesting depending on your skills what you're building and yeah all of that but it's the best virtual platform to create an experience through the interactive content of his friends invite friends to create play hangout and explore through the experience built by community use your imagination to create something cool to share with the community so you can customize your avatar build interactive 3d experiences explore lots of 3d experience created by global community follow top creators in community and all of that so that's basically that and then we can just open the app and let's see how it works i was playing a bit with this app and it's just catching it in popularity um here is your home feed so basically when you start your app you create in your account uh you can edit your profile you can add other social media so you can change your avatar change your overview so when you created your avatar you can change the pose so that's that that's basically your profile picture but you can always just add a picture from a camera roll uh you can always also edit your avatar so here is like you know in all these metawars apps you can add all the different clothing and yeah then there are all these experiences um so these are the experiences which you can participate in so for example i participated in squid game experience and basically it looks maybe you remember this viral netflix show it looks like a squid game and then you can play there with friends so for example here you have all these featured experiences which are basically like a minecraft versions so for example if we enter this one and then i can download it and then i can see the capacity and i can join the public server here so i'll just show you the preview so here i can just jump around and just you know hang out with people similar to so something like that i can see all the settings [Music] change all this working mode line mod game view i can add friend i can follow i can see all these people and that's basically the idea that how you can do it and i can follow the creator here report so basically like a social media uh but yeah it's it's kind of like a minecraft so based on this experience which someone built you can join public servers everyone or you can create your private owned private server then you have all the comments you can see all the props used so props in this game are just basically some elements which you can actually get and copy and then you can get this and then you can own this and then you can use it in your own experiences so these are some like overviews what you should expect uh and it's like pretty amazing actually uh then you can add comments and all of that so here in the plus you can create your own experience you can see props so i just want to tap to create do i want to create experience proper closing so i want to create experience i can enter a category there are different starter points like where do you want to hang out with your friends and then then i can just start from here i can put some elements and then anyways this is the whole process of how you can do it uh you can allow flying you can add music change all these settings brightness text all these elements just basically that's what you can try to do and then yeah then you can save it uh then you can save it or don't save it and that's basically it so that's how you create experience of course then you can continue then there are all your props there are clothing there is your space you can publish it you can edit it and then you can in this in this space you can hang out with a friend so you can invite them and just you know chat uh jump on each other i don't know here there is again like editing your avatar on the bottom right uh you can enter a code to server code and then just join the private server from your friends so that's what you can do also adding friends is very easy tap tap in top right to to add friends and then after that you will be able to message them so that's what you can do then there are groups um i don't know if you can create groups actually so just tap groups um you can edit your space what else is here you can edit your clothing there are some album you can create a group as well so yeah something around that and then there are all the settings you can delete your account easily from the app so i also appreciate that that in case you were like you know skeptical about your personal data you can just delete your account and there you have it uh then there are like props which you have featured props you can buy them some of them [Music] uh so here it says followers only only creators followers can get this prop so then i just need to follow this person then there are discovery feed which is kind of looks similar to you know social media people sharing their experiences their props their life experience then there is chat you can create a group chat so you can do that so that's also interesting feature so not only you hanging out but also you can chat in group chatting so it's like what's up with uh with minecraft in this app anyhow so this is interesting app for sure uh so that's what you can do you can unfriend as well and yeah that's what you can do so i like this app it's very minimalistic but it's very also powerful there are a lot of cool experiences a lot of there is very strong community of creators already not of course that large as minecraft but it's it's growing super fast like if there is some new trend for example there was a squid game so in this app someone developed this squid game experience and you could have jumped over this like you know glass bridge such as in game and then you can just hang out with other people and for every new like kind of viral show or something there should be like some experience so yeah that's basically the app overview definitely give it a try especially if you like minecraft fortnite or you know uh gta or whatever and the cool part that it's very usable very convenient to use from your phone it's not that heavy app everything works great community great social experience so definitely give it a try uh [Music] hope this is helpful if you found this video enjoyful please consider doing a super thanks to this video or just like the video so more people can enjoy bot game and explore how to use it check out my tik tok and my blog mr hector and see in the next videos

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