here is spiral bot app create play and hangout is it a new competitor to roblox is it might be roblox alternative it's i don't know it's climbing super fast in the top charts as you can see like number 13 today i'm on the top apps on the app store so i will just try to show you all the arounds of this app how how to use it and how it looks like and all of that so the idea is kind of similar to roblox where you can create your own avatar you can style it and then you can build your own walls so you can build your own online experiences using props you can build some small objects and then you can just hang out with your friends in these experiences and then interact message each other and chat with each other make friends with players worldwide create all these cool experiences um yeah so that's basically the whole idea this app was was here for in the app store for a while but recently it really started to climb in the charts as there are still some bugs and glitches but yeah that's what it is so to create an account you can you can just easily do it with like with snapchat or like apple facebook google whatever you like and then basically that's your account so here is my account i have my avatar which i can edit so i can i can show my avatar just be aware of two things like first this app is quite large on your phone it's like 500 megabytes plus and then that it can accumulate even more space if you play it frequently so it can be easily be over one two three gigabytes and then so anyways this is your avatar you can just customize it change the the outfits all of that [Music] so yeah something like that or you can just change your profile picture but again you can just use an avatar so you created your 3d avatar then on the home feed there is just like overview of all these spaces which you can create yourself or you can just join them so here is this spaces someone created them you can see the capacity there can be maximum 10 people here there is a description uh you can see all the likes you can comment you can see some replays and then there are public servers you can see all the available servers you can see server codes which you can join you can see if they're at maximum capacity you are not able to join anymore but for example this one you can try to join and this then this is how it will look like oops sorry for the horizontal view but basically yeah then you're just able to hang out here like you know and just go on this space like hang out with people uh messages [Music] you can add friends you can participate in chat or something like that and then there are all these different experiences where you can sit on the desk like or you know this is kind of like a roblox uh of course it's not that advanced and it doesn't have all the features as roblox but it's like simplified version of roblox then you can just participate in chat you can see all these settings here you can change the views walking mode all of that you can just do it [Music] leave the server so that's the whole overview basically and you have like hundreds of these rooms and you can participate you can bookmark them you can report uh whatever you like and of course uh you can create your own room so here you can just create your own experience uh and in experience you can create your like there are objects which you can use from other people so it's not that complicated don't don't worry you don't need to be like a professional designer to create something like this there are all these props which are basically small elements so it can be like uh you know like some cube or you can pay a tree flower or whatever some furniture from which you construct your own experience then they're all disclosing and then there is your space which is kind of like my room so that's what you have here and then then there is like a discovery feed which is more like social media element where you can hang out these people just post some of your screenshots and updates uh then you can see all your activity um then you can see all the messages here you can see all the chats you can create a group chat as well so and then if you want you can purchase some of the props but some of them are just free so you can just get them like this so yeah that's the whole idea this app is adding more and more features uh like one of the major regrets is that it's not available on ipad yet so it's yeah it's hard to play on ipad and the phone yeah it's kind of nice to play but some people like more bigger experience like on ipad or something like that um so yeah but there are less and less bugs uh and and when i tried this app back in winter there were just like few experiences and there weren't that many people i actually tried it and when um when the squid game show was like really viral and someone created like the squid game experience in the app and this was one of the first viral experiences here and then it's it's actually uh yeah improved a lot there are so many new experiences uh and so many more users and now this app is really getting popular so go ahead try it out create an account and have fun

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