(bulk) meaning Wizz - what is it in your Wizz messages?

Bulk meaning with, what does it mean? So basically, I guess if you receive a chat and in that chat message, you see like bulk word, it basically signifies that someone like wanted to send a chat, but then they upgraded and selected this bulk option.

And then this person sent the bulk chat, meaning they bought like some, either with gold subscription, or you can buy this for like 250 coins, one bulk chat, and then you can just send a message, like hi there, whatever, and then just send it instantly to 100 profiles.

So I guess if you're one of those 100 profiles, you will receive this message and you will see like some small word notification that it was sent, not manually, not typing, but it was kind of like automated message sent in bulk to 100 profiles.

So that just so you know that it was a bulk message. And that's how like this app kind of notifies you that it was a bulk message sent to you. So if you find this bulk in your messages, that's basically what it means.

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