Bumble - “Netflix Nights In” - what is it?

uh so Bumble will is the dating app and it will dust out this interesting feature which is called Netflix night in so what is Netflix night in in Bumble so basically there's like a matching feature uh and that's like a matching game and you can play against their match to see who answered all the answers correctly and yeah 78 of users in Bumble think it's easier to talk to matches when they have similar TV and movie tastes um so Netflix 19 will will start next Monday January 30 and ends on March 13th so during this period users in or Bumble in U.S Canada and UK I will receive every Monday uh the questions like the questions around like popular shows on Netflix what you would watch together for example and and that's basically what it is [Music] um so yeah there you have it so uh is that similar with Tinder Tinder also introduced something like swipe Night series um so yeah in case you just like don't know what that is uh that's now at least you'll have some idea

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