Burger King CRYPTO vs Robinhood overview How to get crypto with BK?

hey so if you didn't know um burger king is offering now free crypto to burger king royal parks members so you need to um be a burger king member and then there is a partnership with robin hood and then from november 1st to november 21 royal parks members will be rewarded with crypto for spending five dollars or more on the burger king app website or in store using my code and participate in united states locations so it's only in united states and the partnership is a financial service we will mainly offer dutch coin with some full of ethereum or bitcoins rewarded to lucky burger king royal park's members burger king has released a series of shorts centered around breaking down the world of cryptocurrency with its my new offerings so that's that if you didn't know just check it out if you're in united states only go to burger king store become a burger king royal parks member and try it out

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