Burner app: Text + Call + Message - quick preview

so here is the app which is called burner text call and message it's quite an interesting app so one of the easiest ways to get a second phone number and have text calls and messages so you can have multiple phone numbers on one phone limited call stacks and pictures so you can pick your phone number and this app was featured in so many publications and i think this is one of the top apps uh to yeah to just you know have a second number so sometimes it can be uh pretty handy so don't give out your real number create and mainly site phone lines uh so create new phone numbers burn them when you're done protect your identity online so so enter your phone number so here you can just sign up visuals canada australia phone number so okay i will just try to use [Music] another app to create an account but basically you need to enter your real phone number and then you should be good to go um so yep there are a bunch of apps i need to say which are claiming to have like a second phone number but a lot of them are just you need to are either expensive or that doesn't work so um as you can see here like some of these apps as you can see there are so much of them [Music] i think i was using one yeah just for the purpose of this demo i want to show you that there are also other ones but then also create an account with the burner app so here is the app oops okay so something is not okay let's try again okay so you need to have that phone number from a supported carrier and [Music] so that number should be a real phone number okay so verification so you can only add united states canada australia so yeah there you have it um yeah so unfortunately i don't know i don't have like a real us phone number but i think you get the idea so definitely give a try to this app

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