BUSTR APP how to install and create an account?

hello everyone so here is this app which is in top charts in app store which is called buster and it's about bbw dating um so it's a short for like big beautiful women and also like big handsome man phm so yeah of course you can use tinder or you can use bumble or some other like top dating apps but in case you want to date like specific people or you just know your type or you're in the niche maybe it's just better to use these like apps which are like focused on that category um yeah and there are a lot of apps dating apps which are just currently specific types of people which you're interested in and yeah that then i think you can reach more success here so let's just create an account to see how it looks here so okay i just need to enter my username email address some password and just continue and then yeah i can just add my gender and then i can just add some photo so from here i can just add that tell about yourself just write something about yourself or about your ideal match and there you have it now you have created an app so super easy and fast way to create then of course you can select your filters as in other data apps you can select location all of that and this is how it looks like this is the app you can get verified here you can see visitors you can see chats you can see so like some highlighted profiles and here you can select between new verified and people who are online and yep so so and then yeah you can swipe right left as in tinder and then yeah that's basically how it works so yeah that's the idea that's how you create a profile                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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