BuyNothing app - how to create an account?

hello interesting app here called by nothing let's install it hyper local community sharing is this app something similar to yik yak or something like that or next door but let's just explore maybe it's just a combination we offer people a way to give receive share land borrow and express gratitude through a hyper local git economy model in which people can share whatever they are and true wealth is measured by the web of connections formed between people through sharing from the founders of the buy nothing project so here you have it by nothing and so yeah let's just open the app and seems the idea is that if you live in your community with neighbors or some like buildings around yeah sometimes like someone ha can have some food or some clothing or some furniture and you know some like bag of apples and i i don't need it i don't want to throw it out and they can just post it in this app and you can get it or like you know some software or some fridge so that's overall the idea i think so let's just create an account see how this app works um then you can just enter manually your community and let's for the sake of this demo let's just confirm i don't know i like him just for the sake of demo and then you have all these notifications ask furniture moving to sf from out of town and i'm looking for the following items before purchasing and then you can just like that you can so yeah something like this and then you can just see that in your community there are 1100 members in six mile radius and then you can see all the people in this area you can see your account you can see your inbox and then just see settings in top right so yeah that's the idea so hope that is helpful uh yeah

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