BuyNothing app - what is it & how to use?

here is by nasan app uh it's interesting project uh so the idea is that you sign up you enter your location for example here i just enter san francisco and then uh from here you can see people around you uh who just looking for like some support or some help or um [Music] yeah so for example let's imagine like you're just throwing away some furniture uh or something like that so you can just write in this app so someone in in the radius of like 10 miles here is some free furniture i'm just throwing it away or you can ask for the help as people are searching ask her furniture moving to asap from out town and i'm looking for the following items before purchasing dresser full-size bad tv tv stand couch and all of that so yep that's that's what it is basically this app then you have inbox so your messages but here for example this person wrote it in the in the russian hill so you can just write private message and then just write to this person to yeah to basically help her out so if you want to ask yourself here you can just tap ask so then here so something like that or you just can write it you ask there is new uh gratitude you can just say what you're great for for today then there is new gift what you're gifting today that's it and then there is your account so you can just add uh photos and then there are settings there is community um there is your location you can change your location just enter your location independent of that uh yep change community settings leave feedback you can go to help and from here you can just browse through the support articles or you can delete your account or contact support from here so something like that so that's the idea [Music] and then there is community and these are all the people who are located in your community for example this is like san francisco so there are 1100 members in six miles radius and then you can see 52 gifts 25 asks regretted use 47 connections and then you can see all these members so it's an interesting app like instead it's a different approach to kind of facebook groups where this is why you just connect with people in specific community and there are just three different topics like ask give or gratitude um interesting concept definitely give a try to this app especially if you're not moving to a new city or just don't know what to do or anything because like you know in facebook groups sometimes there can be like 50 000 people of course much more but here you just have the community which is much more focused and much more motivated so maybe there is more help here

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