BUZ app - quick overview

BUZ App - Quick Overview

The BUZ app has been steadily climbing the ranks in the charts for social networking. It has achieved a position in the top 10 social media apps in the US, alongside popular apps like BeReal, Signal, Live360, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Available on Android through the Google Play Store, this app offers a unique social messenger experience centered around audio communication.

To get started with BUZ, simply download the app and create an account using your phone number. You can then add friends to your BUZ network in various ways. You can import contacts from your phone, invite them via link, or have them scan your QR code. Once your friends are added, you can start communicating with them using the push-to-talk feature.

Using BUZ is similar to using a walkie-talkie. You press the button and speak your message, which appears in the chat history at the bottom of the screen. You can listen to messages from your friends, clear your chat history, and even delete specific messages. Furthermore, aside from voice messages, you can also send text messages, take photos, and engage in various other forms of communication within the app.

One standout feature of BUZ is that even if you minimize or scroll through other apps on your phone, BUZ remains accessible through the dynamic island on your iPhone or the top of your phone, depending on your model. This allows for quick and convenient access to the app, ensuring that you never miss a message.

For an enhanced walkie-talkie experience, BUZ offers a "quiet mode" option that turns off the speaker. However, enabling the "available mode" will ensure that messages are played on the speaker in real-time, providing a radio-like experience. With this feature, you can receive messages loudly and clearly, directly through your phone's speaker.

In addition to one-on-one conversations, BUZ also allows users to create groups for group communication. This feature comes in handy for coordinating with multiple individuals or for sharing voice messages within a specific circle.

The app also provides several additional functionalities. By accessing the app settings, users can enable or disable the BUZ shortcut, allowing for real-time communication even when the app is running in the background. The profile section allows users to edit their profiles and manage their account information. Other features include options to delete the account, change language settings, view the block list, or log out.

If you enjoy sending voice messages or the walkie-talkie experience, the BUZ app is definitely worth a try. Its accessibility through the dynamic island and the ability to receive messages in real-time make it a unique and engaging communication tool. Download BUZ and start enjoying a new way to connect with your friends.

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