CA Lottery app overview

hello so here is this app which is called uh ci lottery app um so you can just install it like this by tapping get and yeah so this is the official app of california lottery which you can install here you can just confirm with a touch 80 and then you can just process this payment you can still download it so it's the app is not big so it's like only 38.8 megabytes and then you can just open it up here is some preview of the app which you have can take a look how it looks like uh welcome to the california lottery official app where you can follow the letter in the palm of your hand anytime anywhere download the app today to personalize your experience by choosing your favorite place to play see if you see if you are a winner never miss a game customize push notifications winning numbers second chance drawings find where to play and all that you can just access it here so let's just open the app and then you can see how it looks like so then you can just keep it here you can allow some notifications all of that and then you have all these different lotteries here like powerball mega millions super lotto plus fantasy 5 daily 4 and then for example i can see the draw number i can see the recent draw i can see the winning numbers and i can go to the uh yeah so this is i can see all that and so that's the idea also i can just go here and see all the winner numbers just from the app so the whole point of these apps is just you know you don't need to watch tv or some additional information you don't need to go to websites all of that you can just check from the wrist of your hand just from your phone just check all of it and that's uh you can also just check it he could just from your camera there is second chance i don't know what that means so you can just read more about what that means exactly more wise to win give your play a second chance register for an account so yeah something around that and then where to play it's also quite handy so you can just discover where you can play and then you can just access your location you can see obviously it's california lottery app so you can just discover where there you can play so yep that's the idea hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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