Caesars Sportsbook - app overview

hey everyone so here is the app called cesar sports book so basically it's a betting app but it has scissors rewards um so here you can just win or lose every writer gives you more scissor rewards so you can go to promos for full terms so let's just go to yep so you can go to the website and let's just check out how it looks like what that means it has our sport book it's like a state below to view each promotion in terms and conditions so it just depends on each state so for example in arizona i'm just again redirected to some other website i don't know welcome to the empire tell us do you want to bat yup so that's basically it and then you can just go here to you see your rewards and then uh there is also in atlantic city rena arizona all these all these uh hotel chains they have like uh own rewards so that's basically that but uh yeah so the idea of the app obviously is that you can like play some bats and then just uh win some rewards here so let's just open that up sorry it's for some reason it's not opening okay so something is wrong with my internet i don't know so there is the app so let's just open it up really quickly and see how that works uh yeah it's some standard tracking settings here and then you can just share your location and then you just need to select your location like you can just to arizona you can allow to notify and there you have it so now you can just book there are all these boosts you can book football you can see all these promos but match 1000 uh in one dollar get your first weight you're matched up to 1001 then you can see bats here but sleep then you can search all the sports so there is massive amount of sports available but yeah that's pretty cool if you win some bats you can basically stay at the caesars palace in las vegas or other location i just showed so that's basically it so it's betting app and then you can also sign up and create an account so account registration first name last name email and then just enter your phone number and then yeah you can just continue with account registration you can always reach out to support in the top left part so that's basically

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