also here is currently app for ios so let's just try to install it i just used mostly calendly as a web app on the web to visit all these web pages on my desktop but seems there is a mobile app which seems to be pretty cool so let's just check it out at this moment it's not really loading but okay let's just check again some people consider calendly like a quite rude app but it depends on the i don't know on the culture so of course if some people consider that rude or inappropriate you can always just say like hey do you have any time otherwise you can use my calendar or something like that so there you have it so now i just downloaded the app and then i connect this county and on the go and i can just sign in so as i told i already have like accountly account on my uh laptop but i just signed in with google okay let's just sign in again using my email if you don't have an account you should be able just to create an account with i guess with google or apple and then here it is login with google and then i can just log in here and then there you have it so now uh yeah you can book using event type uh you can book one off meeting check your daily schedule and there you have it so now i have all my meetings uh meeting types i have scheduled events i can allow notifications and i can just see the scheduled events for january or like february and all of that so yeah i hope it is helpful that's how you create and sign in with the calendly mobile app

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