Callin Social Podcasting app - how to install on iPhone?

hey everyone so let's explore how to install calling app so just in the app store search for call in um like that without g in the end so just call in yeah this is it this is the social podcasting app you can just type cat it's 37 megabytes this app is developed by david sacks who is one of the uh guests on the on the founders of all in podcast so this app is kind of all in just at cu you will have colleen app and the idea is super smart that it's basically like a social podcasting so it's kind of combines clubhouse like real-time conversations with your friends but then you can turn this real-time conversations into their podcast episodes so it's pretty cool idea so just type get and then you will be able to install the app and then you will see these live conversations these rooms different shows and the idea is that you can just listen to recorded episodes which you can then just turn into your podcast feed i'm not sure if you have for example your existing podcast can use then just turn um this colleen feed and combine two feeds or something like that or like how that can work but yeah i'm super happy to explore this app to see how it can work so yeah just install it like that it's free to create an account i don't know if there are any like uh paid options or anything like that but there you have it that's that's the app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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