Camera doesn’t open when tap BeReal notification - what to do?

hello so my camera doesn't open when i tap the burial notification uh what you can do so if this happens what the real support is recommended is just you kill the app and relaunch it this issue keeps securing you need to record the video and contact us uh yeah there are some uh always some issues with burial app it was super buggy like a year ago but now it's becoming better and better even there are like millions of users in this app and this app is number one in us app store it's huge so there are probably always some like server issues or some you know app issues so either kill it so to kill the app just swipe it up to tap on the home button and swipe it up you can always reach out to them just record a screenshot or a screen recording and then you can reach out contact brewery dot al and yeah so that's that's what you can do hope this is helpful

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