Can anyone see your conversations with REPLIKA?

hey there so if you're using replica chatbot can someone view your conversations and get access to that like how how like secure is that so first was they say here in support center that humans never participates in conversations on the behalf of replica or view your conversations between you and your eyes so that in their support they said that nobody can actually view your conversations with you and your replica [Music] so can anyone else talk to the replica now only you can talk to your replica so that's about it like there you have it um yeah so that's the idea i'm not sure like hub secure replica app is i created another video so you can always delete your account and delete all your data if you feel that something is unsecure not sure if you can delete your messages in replica app um yeah if you have any other clues how to make your conversations more private yeah just yeah just leave it in the comments below i'm curious to know about it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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