Can Dream by Wombo work with 3G/4G?

here is dreambox sometimes it can be quite glitchy but let's just do an experiment and figure out if this app can literally just work with 4g so i have 4g here and then let's just open it up and see if if if it can work without wi-fi but just it's 4g um so then my 4g should be pretty pretty fast like so let's try out so flower and then this and then let's just tap create so yeah almost there so yeah seems it works perfectly fine also with 4g without wi-fi of course it won't work without without internet uh so we can just for this experiment we can also turn off cellular um so let's try again so yep as you can see without wi-fi it won't be working so you need at least seller internet or yeah so it works fine with cellular nothing glitches everything is working so that's that hope it is helpful

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