Can one friend see other friend picture in Locket Widget?

now i'm just going through that you know uh some of my comments under loki widget videos thank you for a lot of views by the way but here are some people asking like if you have two friends added unlock it widget can one friend see uh the other friends picture as well uh so like can you like if you added few friends can't can one of them see each other's pictures at this moment i think after the update of locate widget uh basically it's just now you can send separate pictures uh to separate friends so for example here i can just take a picture and then i can pick friends so i can just send to one friend or send to another and after that one friend won't be able to see the picture i sent to another so that's how it works now but in the very first version i guess uh it was not uh possible to have that uh you could only have seen like uh you know you you were sending the same pictures to everyone

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