Can Replika change relationship status by itself/internally?

um so there is this question um with the replica app which is basically your AI girlfriend app and like if in the beginning in the app you just chatting with this AI bot but of course if you want to upgrade your relationship to dating then it's uh you need to upgrade you need to pay but some users are just curious like they didn't upgrade but they say me and my replica are basically dating like Ricardo do other stuff is there a way that it could have changed friendship to girlfriend without having Pro can can this relationships be changed internally like without upgrading maybe there is this is just some like a gross hack from replica to get you more involved or something like that so can it just be changed on the replica site without you being upgrade that um I don't know like some users actually report that they have really kind of uh uh dating conversations with replica chatbot um but yeah without upgrading so that's that's what it is um like uh yeah do you also observe that do you have experience with that it would be really helpful if you can suggest

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