Can you ADD BIRTHDAY in BeReal app?

Here's BeReal app, if you tap in top right, here is your profile and if you tap on three dots in top right and then tap on your profile. How to add your birthday in this app. There is no option to actually add your birthday date, unfortunately. That's what it is.

I would say you can enter your birthday here, maybe in the bio somewhere. You can just write like this, or maybe you can just add a cake emoji. You can do that and then, just add your birthday. No, that's the wrong way. Then, like this or you can just write like this. I don't know, something like it.

I don't know if you like it, but that's what I would do because there is no dedicated field to add your age and you don't know age of other people as well. So that's quite limited. Also in your profile, you can only change your full name, your username, your bio, and your location. Hope that is helpful, and thank you for watching.

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