here's i'm just going through look at widget reviews it's really amazing app you should definitely give it a try if you haven't yet and a lot of people are asking like can you write with your finger on photos you took in the app so some like this user is asking is telling that it would enable you to write messages and funny drawings on your pictures you sent to your loved ones not a super crucial idea but i hope you take it into consideration because of its possibilities and fund value so yeah that's basically it but i'm not sure that you can do it so here's logarithm widget app so let's just you know so i already have friends so [Music] it just says at the new friend but let's just need to wait a bit but overall i don't think this is possible um it's only possible to take photos in this app and just not even upload pictures or not adding any notes anything so just taking live photos so that's what's possible at this moment um hope that is helpful

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