uh can you add friend on on through social nope so you can only like follow or unfollow someone similar as on twitter so the user experienced almost exactly the same as on twitter and yeah it's not like adding friends on facebook so there are just accounts you can see all the different accounts here uh you can just follow someone so there's the account some of the accounts are talent it's it's a bot it means that this account is recessed field aggregating bot and it's actually not a real account by this company it's just some aggregate in their set feed which just collects some news and updates and then yeah you can just follow or unfollow it's not possible to add friend or something like that it should be possible to send dms at some point but at this moment this feature is not released yet so it will be possible to follow an account and maybe if that account owner enables the feature of dms or messaging then you will see some kind of like a letter letterbox icon on that account and you will be able to send messages but not at this moment

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