Can you add Gallery Photos in Locket?

Locket Widget app is a popular choice for Android users who want to add some personality to their device's lock screen. With its customization options, Locket can provide an engaging and interactive user experience.

However, one question that frequently arises is whether or not you can add gallery photos to your Locket Widget. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

In a video transcript that we have come across, a user confirmed that there is no option to add gallery photos in Locket Widget app. The user stated, "you can only like, you know, just take the real photo. And then here you also can have add some additional things, additional text. But yeah, you can add some different captions. But it's not possible to add, you know, photos from your camera or from a gallery."

So, what are your options if you want to add photos to your Locket Widget? You would need to use a different app to do so.

The user recommended Live Status, another app that allows you to upload photos to your lock screen. Another option the user suggested was Note It, an app for sending notes.

While it may seem like a simple feature to implement, for now, Locket Widget does not allow for uploading photos from a gallery or camera.

The limitation can be frustrating for users, particularly those who want to share personal moments with friends and family. Hopefully, Locket Widget will consider adding this feature in the future.

In conclusion, while Locket Widget is an excellent app for personalizing your device's lock screen, it falls short when it comes to adding gallery photos. If you want to add more photos, check out the other apps available in the market.

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