Can you add more than 10 friends in Locket Widget app?

can you add more than 10 friends in lock it widget app so i just found here an official response from the developer team some person is asking i wish we could add more than 10 friends it would be way better i keep on removing friends who post only a few times so i can add other ones hi thanks for this idea we are working on updates to the app now and should have new features like this in the near future so they don't specify when this should happen but this is just a recent review from them and i was using locate widget app from the very beginning from when it was just released and wentwire on the app store on tick tock um and in the beginning i think it had like three or five friends then they released that to 10 friends and but now it's only 10 friends so if you have more than 10 friends unlock it widget app that's pretty cool you are a power user because i don't have that many people who are using locate widget app i don't think i have like one that in in my place but it's cool that you have this many people uh but yeah i don't know when it should be released probably they can add something like 20 people quite soon but i'm not sure about that meanwhile maybe you can try noted widget i think it has unlimited numbers there is widget pal there is live in live peak widget so there are a bunch of alternatives just for sending pictures and photos so maybe you can try those for a while because i'm not sure when this update is coming

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