Can you add more than 20 friends in LOCKET? You can’t…..

Lockit Widget Camera is a popular app that allows users to connect with friends and share video lockets. However, there seems to be a limitation to the number of friends you can add on the app. As mentioned in the video transcript, users can currently only add a maximum of 20 friends. This limitation can be seen on the top right corner of the app, where it shows the number of friends a user has.

While some users may have been hoping for this limitation to be lifted through an update, it appears that it is currently the set restriction. The app, although widely popular, may not have the robust infrastructure required to handle a large number of friends and the functionality that comes with it. This could explain why the developers have chosen to impose this limitation.

It is unclear at the moment whether the creators of Lockit Widget Camera have any plans to increase the number of friends a user can have. There is a possibility that they may consider releasing updates in the future that address this limitation, but nothing can be confirmed at this time.

It is worth noting that the app has had its fair share of glitches in the past. This could be another reason why the developers have chosen to restrict the number of friends for the time being. It is essential to ensure that the app's server-side capabilities are strong enough to handle the added functionality and the increasing number of friends.

In conclusion, Lockit Widget Camera currently allows users to have a maximum of 20 friends. Whether this limitation will change in the future remains uncertain. As the app continues to evolve and improve, it is possible that the developers may address this restriction and make adjustments accordingly. Until then, users will have to manage their friendships within the existing limit.

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