Can you ADD MULTIPLE PEOPLE in noteit widget?

so one of the questions is can you send pictures to multiple people can you add multiple people in noted um so there are like two noted apps um there is this one it wasn't the original one but i think in the end it actually gets better design so in noted we just get it now by iconic hearts developer so you just need to remember the developer because after noted widget went viral it there are a lot of apps uh who have similar names so here in this app you can only add one person so you can only add one partner and that's it so you you can't do anything about it in noted widget in this version uh that's it but there is another noted widget which is uh developed by kensington crypto stock love with drawing pictures and so that's lovely drawing so that's uh that's another app so in this app you can add as many people as you'd like as i understand so and there is a premium version uh but yeah here you can just add many friends but then to add many friends you will need to upgrade but it is still possible here so this is uh yeah this is an overview so here it is possible but it is not free uh in locket widget another app you can add up to 10 people but you can only send your camera photos uh there you can also try try out live in live peak or widget pile apps

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