so can you add multiple widgets of lock it widget if i just tap and hold and i add plus and then i add lock it what i discard i can just tap add widget and then tap plus again pocket and widget and then i have just two widgets and then i also can add large widget and i just basically have like three located widgets on my phone on my home screen so yep you you can add multiple widgets and then you can just move them to different screens like you can have small widgets on one screen on your iphone and then you can have like a and then you can just move them in together you can have like a larger widget on another home screen so that's basically the idea here um [Music] so that's how it works um yep um but of course the pictures here will be will be the same so there is no no need actually to add that many videos because the stream of photos will be the same on each widget it is not possible to add like this widget is for this friend and this widget is for this friend so it's not possible to add separate pages for separate friends or for friend groups so you can only add like this so hope that clarified something

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