Can you add PayPal in Confirmed app?

In a recent video transcript, a user posed the question, "Can you add PayPal as a payment method in the Confirmed app?" The Confirmed app allows users to enter drops and make payments for various items. The user explains that different drops may offer different payment methods. For example, in one drop, the only available payment option is to add your card, while in a previous drop, the user was able to confirm with Apple Pay. Some users claim to only see the PayPal option, while others are unable to add a card or use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

According to the user, PayPal can only be added at the final stage of the checkout process. It appears that the option to add PayPal is not available in the app settings. The user notes that there may have been recent updates to the app, as they were previously able to add Apple Pay but can no longer do so.

Fortunately, the user later discovers that PayPal can now be added as a payment method in the Confirmed app. In addition to PayPal and Apple Pay, the app also offers the option to use Klarna card or gift card. It seems that the availability of payment methods may vary depending on the specific items being purchased in the drops.

While the user's experience suggests that PayPal integration may not be consistently available in all drops within the Confirmed app, it is worth exploring the app's latest updates to discover the full range of payment options and features that may be available to users.

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