Can you add Snapchat or Instagram to BeReal bio?

here is the real app can you add snapchat on instagram to your bio in burial app so you should tap on your profile in top right and then tap on three dots in top right and then yeah you can obviously edit your buyer from here you can edit your full name username at the location but yeah it's not possible to add a snapchat handle so it is clickable so people can link it of course you can just do something like this like instagram and then just leave your instagram username and then but it won't be clickable so something like this i would say and then yeah let's see what happens so that's what you can do here and yeah so that's the idea maybe they will add it in the future maybe obviously they don't add it because snapchat and instagram are like two biggest competitors um but yeah maybe it would be also nice just to add at least some other social media like twitter or maybe your website or you know something like that but probably of course they are not doing this to don't let people go to their competitors i don't know what else to say here but there you have

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