can you add unlimited friends in locate widget app so I'm just going here to their official review in the App Store and seems that as officially it says to keep things friendly you can only have 20 friends on the app so nope you can't have unlimited friends so only only 20 friends at a time it says unlock it there is no worrying about follower count just add your best friends and family and live leaving the moment please lock it you are able to be real and share photos to the people that matter so lock it widget app is focusing on like on only a closed Circle I was a bit confused earlier and I made a video that you can actually add unlimited friends but then since it was a mistake because if I just tap on Friends field as you can see there is no text anywhere that you can only add 20 friends before there was like a clear message that here you can only add five friends in the beginning 10 friends 20 friends now it says nothing so I was just supposing that cool now you have unlimited friends unlock it but it's not the case at least that's what they say in their App Store description so yeah it's still there is a limitation of 20 20 people in the app so that's what it is yeah hopefully they will remove it in future there is another app called Live status app where you can actually add unlimited people and it works similar to to locate search for Live status app let me just show you so that's the app so it's a new kind of competitor so yeah try out this app it has unlimited friends

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