Can you block or report someone in Locket widget app?

here's locket widget app if you go to friends tab can you block or report someone unlock it widget so here I have my friends I can just tap I can't go to anyone's profile and I if I tap on the whole double tap anything I don't see any menu where I can actually like you know tap to block or report so I don't think it's possible to actually block or report someone you can also tap on the cross to the right hands and just remove as a friend also there is no option in the in the locket widget app to to unblock or like you know unhide uh unmute other people so probably it's not possible to uh block as well uh so I'm not don't know if this feature is coming or not I'm on a test flight version here so yeah if this feature was in development probably it would appear as well in the test flight but but it's not there

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