Can you buy $APE ApeCoin on Coinbase?

hello can you get a coin ape on coinbase so there is this introductions in here in coinbase app it now it says that app coin is available and yep you can super easily just got it on coinbase so just tap try it um and then yeah you can just buy ifis cash or just super easily trade it here so this asset is just going going by staff you don't need to to go to you know to um coinbase exchange or all of that so yeah that's what you can do uh you can trade over 5000 uh assets with app on their wallet uh and appcoin is a rc20 token used within a ecosystem um app which allows iphone holders to participate in appcoin dao apcon will also be used to access games merchandise events and services so that's that's basically it and of course this uh like this uh token was released like part board abe club like one of the most famous uh nft projects like you know where you can buy this board apes and there was also like an ape airdrop all of that so yeah that there you have it so that's like an ape uh token so yeah that's uh that's what you can get uh in case you were wondering yep that's where you can get appcoin

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