Can you buy $BABYDOGE on Coinbase app?

hello so here is coinbase so can you get uh baby dodge uh crypto on coinbase so i'll just try to just search like this um so let's see what happens here baby dodge coin baby dodge eno uh little baby dodge and so there are a bunch of this let's see if you can get it uh this asset is not supported by coinbase neither by coinbase exchange um so yeah you can see it here because yeah it's growing pretty up during one month but as you can see during one year um so yeah baby dodge coin price um so you have that idea and then yep okay so you can't get it on coinbase let's just use something like coin geeko to figure out where i can actually get it and then i just want to search for it oh so coin geeko it's just changed its design a bit uh baby dog baby dodge coin seems it's not like an ethereum coin because okay so you can get it on pancake swap gate iowa be true so yeah just get it there baby dodge has recently expanded to ethereum finally not that there are multiple distinct projects that share variations of moniker baby dodge user advice to d or d y or r [Music] so yeah g-o-y-o-r sorry it's just like me do your own research i was just like what's that um so yeah uh there you have it and go on pancake swap and you can get it there hope that was helpful

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