Can you buy $COVAL on Coinbase app?

hello everyone so let's just explore uh and coinbase if you can get coval crypto here uh so call token is uh yeah it's actually exploding recently but let's just see like can i get it so if i just search for cobalt here circuits of value that's how it's called coal co well circus of value is like abbreviation and then yeah you can easily trade it let's you see how it's really just jumped here almost like 10 10-fold circles of value price uh it's an ethereum token that powers emblem or platforms or users can create custom combinations of ethereum or c20 nft tokens into a single tradable token called a vault while can be used to create walls and its issues as a reward to liquidity providers so that's that and the cool part is you can just easily thread it on coinbase here so pi kowal convert kowal uh easily you don't need to go to uni swap metamask all of that uh you can see it's in one month and right now there is kind of like a deep a bit of a dip or maybe not so yeah so hope this is helpful um thank you for watching

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