Can you buy DeHub crypto on Coinbase app?

okay so here's coinbase so let's just explore if i can buy the hub crypto here so here's the hub crypto as you can see it's going up pretty a lot during one month so that's the crypto the hub price so you can see market have 100 million volumes 3.3 million your clients in supply 2 billion so that's about it but it's not tradable um so what should we do so let's just go to coin geeko um let's just search for dhub so this is one of the trading cryptos right now on my channel i often just cover and share the news about some trading cryptos which are rising in value a lot uh probably there is like some kind of delay of course i'm not like the first one to notify you about these cryptos but still they are growing and can be a nice like like token to consider some investment so you can buy them on pancake swap or these are like exchanges with high level of trust so at least there you can try to cut them so hope that is helpful so if you just go to the hub maybe as i just have their website um so the hub decentralized entertainment hub so so you can just go to their website your portal to the metrowars blockchain first all encompassing highly rewarding ever-growing lifestyle entertainment aggregator watch playshop earning one ecosystem part by one token you can see her here white papers you can see chart and you can buy um so listed on coin giga coin market cap exchange xt dot com or pancake swap so yeah so this stream exclusive pay-per-view events original film music production live and tv streamings and there are games browsing pace so all of that and then there are dabs um there is token distribution team wallet and then you just need to connect your wallet basically there is a trust wallet of what is connect and then probably you just can buy it beer via pancake swap uh so that's the idea the apps are you can climb bnb rewards the stream the browse all of that so yeah that's the idea basically they're also hiring so you can just go there um [Music] so there you have it uh hope that is helpful um [Music] yeah thanks for watching

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