Can you buy ENZYME MLN crypto on Coinbase?

hey everyone so here is coinbase app so let's explore if you can buy and zoom crypto here so this is how it looks like and zim mln uh so this is the crypto and as you can see it's really growing up um so yeah it went down a bit in the yeah and then it's going up and then yeah okay so there you see in the months it went down during like late october early november and then it's going up again and then yeah you can just trade it on coinbase so you can buy amalan with cash easily just add your payment method to coinbase you can't add your paypal to coinbase so you can only buy it with uh yeah this like bank account or debit credit card um and then you can also of course like convert it from bitcoin um or like convert from bitcoin to mln or something like that and then you just enter the amount and then you can just tap to convert so that's the idea that's how it works also let's just explore there is this app which is called coin geeko where you can see all the options available so and zoom so this is the coin and you can buy it on gate io you can buy in coinbase crack and binance sushi swap binance uni swap xt com diversify bitfinex q coin decoin coin x hot bit and all of that so yeah you can just buy it there so hope this was helpful check out my website mr hack.i i often cover topics about cool apps and crypto labs three and yeah thanks for watching

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