okay so here's coinbase let's check out flocky eno if i can buy flocky here so that's the the coin there is flocking there is blue flock inu and mata flocky and lucky you can just easily buy on coinbase okay no not on coinbase but yeah as you can see it was here then it's just increased a lot then it went down and so you can buy it on on with coinbase wallet the volume is 52.7 million and it's like zero circulating supply so yeah something like that um so you can go to coinbase wallet it's like this app and then you just need to choose going to convert to floki but let's just go to coin geeko flocky you know that's what we are looking to so you can buy it on pancake swap unisopk.iotcoin and all of that there's some information so floating has migrated to new contract and then you just need to read it here on twitter so here is like the flocky real flocky inu twitter so that's that hope that is helpful

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