hey everyone so in this quick video let's explore can you buy gn crypto on coinbase so this crypto is recently trending so if i just go to coinbase app on ios and just tap in gn g-y-e-n this is what i can see here so as you can see it was it was going really up um yeah it skyrocketed like this um so yeah but that is just fall down really again um so there you have it that's so it basically returned back to zero zero zero eighty eight uh dollars um so you can buy it biscoin base wallet actually so coinbase wallet is a separate app which is like a wallet app for login to this coinbase wallet with your coinbase app so and then you can just choose convertible token so usually yeah so sometimes it doesn't really work so wallets token conversion feature relies on the terms like exchange built on the ethereum blockchain as a result only to run by stockings can be converted using this feature so yeah for some reason it's not really maybe it doesn't work here um but let's just go to coin geeko that's like the app where you can see uh where are the most popular exchanges so let's just search for gian here and let's see all the list of exchanges we have here i'll just tap on the exchanges and you can see that you can buy it on uni swap and you can buy it on coinbase exchange but yeah just try through the coin base wallet um and it doesn't really work that well so yeah you just need to go to uniswap website log in with your metamask wallet and then exchange that coin so that's that

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