Can you buy $METIS MetisDAO on Coinbase app?

hey let's explore if you can get matis crypto on coinbase so let's just search for it in coinbase app now why it's going here mattis so here it is there is madis that's madis dao token so you can't buy it on coinbase app but you can get it with coinbase wallet with coinbase exchange so that's basically that um [Music] meaning yeah you can just swap it from ethereum i think on uni swap or yeah anything like that so let's just search for maddie's crypto here um so if we just search for madis that is talking i will bookmark it for myself so yeah exactly so uni swap pancake swap sushi swap so what is this website so basically since the original website was uni swap that's one of the first decentralized exchanges uh but it was open source the code was on github and then there are a bunch of other exchanges like pancake swap sushi swap which basically i think just took the code from unislope originally and then you can just swap swap all the like ethereum i think to all the ethereum tokens built on ethereum um so yep that's where you can get it hope that is helpful

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