Can you buy Osmosis on Coinbase app?

hey everyone let's explore if you can get osmosis crypto on coinbase so if i just search for osmosis uh then it's treaded under osmo so let's see if it's there um so as you can see this asset is not supported by coinbase and then you can see this is the osmosis price here yep so osmosis you can't get it on coinbase so let's just then explore on coin deco like where can you get it it was just uh osmo osmosis and then i can just see exchanges [Music] so yeah seems you you can get it on coin league sieve chain or you can get it on osmosis exchange um yep i actually didn't hear about osmosis exchange before but uh so yeah please just let's just search for you guys what awesome of this exchange is uh so there you have so similar and there you have it app osmosis zone is a centralized peer-to-peer blockchain that people can use to create liquidity and try it abc enabled tokens um so there you have it um so yeah uh they have their own token similar to like uh like you know binance exchange or coin like uni swap like i think most of all this major defy exchanges or just exchanges have their own tokens so yeah that's about it

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