Can you buy SHPING on Coinbase?

okay so here is coinbase so let's just uh check out if i can buy shopping io crypto on on coinbase um so yeah let's just search for that crypto asset i think it's like shipping or okay so that's not not the shopping aisle because i was just following another website or maybe that is so there you have it spin crypto um so yeah there you have it um i'm not i don't know if it's like shopping ior or it's a separate asset but there you can see that it's literally like skyrocketed um and then yep you can get it with coinbase wallet so uh it means that spin is like a ethereum based token and coinbase wallet allows you just to exchange similar to uni swap up pancake swap or something like that and then to have some alternatives where you can get it um so coin uh with the coin geeko app it was just here somewhere so now here is the app and then now from here i can just search for and spin to see exactly where where it can be located so there you have it spin and then i can see on exchanges so yep as i told you can get it on sushi swap uni swap all of these exchanges so yep that's the idea hope it is helpful

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