Can you buy Telcoin TEL ON COINBASE?

hey can you buy tau coin with coinbase so let's just search for it so tell coin uh tile isn't supported in coinbase you can go to coinbase wallet to buy it on a center that centralized exchange assets and coinbase wallet are not held by coinbase so yeah so you need to download the separate app uh which is uh uh yeah we just coined by swallow cat coin boy boy coinbase wallet tried more tokens including telecoin [Music] and then you just it's i think it's a separate app which you need to download and then you can just download here and then you just have all your digital assets in one place so yes that's basically how it works that's the idea [Music] and then yeah you can then just get that and use this wallet as an exchange then you need some time to log in i don't know if it logins automatically from your coinbase app and then this is your okay so it's just logged in automatically uh so uh coins and there are nfds and there are coins and then i if you you convert your crypto with taxes uh bitcoin for example like ethereum for example if i have ethereum here oh wow but then anyways i still can buy polygon here so yeah that's what i would do

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