Can you buy TLM crypto on Coinbase app?

hey everyone so let's just explore about tlm crypto so can you buy it this token on coinbase so this is called alien worlds crypto um this is the gross so it's really like skyrocketed and then it just fell down completely um so it still has like 300.5 million 305.5 million market cap this volume um circulating supply um i it's not like an advice here like should you buy it or not probably it's one of those coins um yeah it's not supported on coinbase you can go to coinbase wallet exchange right so it's a separate app but let's just explore uh on coin geeko so tlm where i can buy it so alien world token [Music] so as you can see you can buy it on binance you can buy it on gate io you can yeah cue coin all of this so a lot of places where you can actually get it so there you have it hope that is helpful

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