Can you buy AVA on Coinbase app?

okay so here is coinbase app so let's just go through travala crypto like can you buy it on coinbase so this is a crypto and as you can see it's like growing so okay so during the last months it fell down like um it's you can see this is a performance during the last year yeah uh so it like yeah it's almost like 10 x here from the 2020. um and again it fell down it's like typical crypto journey here but like you can't buy it on coinbase app um you need to use like coinbase wallet app which is like a separate coinbase exchange so you can do it here and then uh yeah you can just buy it from there uh so that's the crypto but like let's just explore um when you buy it because sometimes like coinbase wallet like doesn't really work for me something because like you need to exchange from ethereum or something and then it doesn't really work uh so our crypto so so exchanges so you can buy it on binance you can buy it on gate dot io who can't you coin all of that well so that's that um

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