Can you buy UFO GAMING crypto on COINBASE?

everyone so let's explore can you buy ufo crypto on coinbase so there you have it ufo gaming um that's uh that's one of the cryptos here here for gaming you can see it here um so that's basically that um and then yeah seems you can buy it with a coinbase wallet so it's a separate app where you can go you know but let's just also go to like a coin geeko and then let's just explore like what are the options here so there is ufo gaming and there are exchanges so you can buy it on uni swap you can buy it on gate i your me me c global shiva swap who dot com so these are the options where you can buy it um so these are the tokens so if you're interested in that you can try to buy it there is also a uniform physical object unknown fire object and euphoria yeah fire so that's basically the idea hope that is helpful

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